Manufacturing Insight: A Day in The Life of a Sprayer at Frederick Cooper

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Frederick Cooper offers high-quality component powder coating and paint spraying for leading industries in UK Manufacturing. For those considering a role in manufacturing, Frederick Cooper has offered insight into a day in the life of one of their professional Sprayers, Sam Rowe who helps produce their ‘top of the class’ finishes for their customer's components. 

The day starts when Sam gets into her overalls, gloves and mask and performs a quick check on the paint gun. 

After having checked this and received the paint she then scans the process card (a form outlining the steps required on this project to achieve a quality finish) to see if there is anything tricky about the job she will be spraying – whether a certain side has to be sprayed last or whether there are any care points to be aware of. After signing the job card, Sam can then set the paint gun to begin spraying.

There are so many different spraying jobs with their own subtleties. Therefore, if Sam gets a job that she doesn’t see very often, it’s easier to stop and check rather than spray the whole component and find out that a crucial part has been overlooked. When the job is complete, she then signs the process card to identify the job has been completed.

Helping save the environment and the company costs, any waste paint is poured back into the tub. Sam then takes her paint gun apart to give it a good clean before the next job. 

There are some jobs that sprayers like Sam can only do in the afternoon such as high-end full gloss parts or parts that stay ‘tacky’ for a long time, therefore these jobs are done after lunchtime. Sam Rowe said whilst paint spraying can sound repetitive, it is a great feeling of accomplishment once a part is finished:

“You find yourself becoming obsessed with the components you work on, my friends and family soon get tired when I point out brake calipers or electronic parts, proudly saying I did that!”

Finally, after a productive day of spraying crucial components for lots of different industries, Sam cleans down their gun thoroughly to ensure it is ready for the new job in the morning.


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